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Age of Madness id a Call of Cthulhu/DnD 3.5 Hybrid.

Welcome to the Age of Madness! The world you dwell in is named Cthonia, but was once known as Earth. That was before the Cult of Cthulhu summoned the shaggoths and other fell beasts to topple the emipires of Earth and claim it for their own. Humanity and their bretheren are kept alive now only as slaves and food for the beasts.

This is a world of ancient evil, mysterious cults, and endless torment. People in this land live in fear of the Cult of Cthulhu, and the myriad other cults that wish to dominate the realm and summon fell beasts and “gods” to devour all they know.

Your place in this terrible realm is that of the hero. A resistance has built up over the generations, and has chosen now as the time to strike out against the power of the cult. Will you save the realm from unending evil? Or will you succumb to madness and oblivion as so many before you have. Time is short, hero, for the cults

Age of Madness